Wedding in Capri

The island of Capri is part of the gulf of Naples. It is situated straight across the Sorrentine Peninsula, and its beauty has been famous since the Roman Empire.

Its coastline is indented with a number of caves and also a lot of coves which alternate to steep cliffs. The caves were used in the Roman period as nymphaeums of the luxurious villas which were built in that empire. The most famous cave is the Blue Grotto whose magical bright effect has been described by lots of writers and poets.

Capri is also well known for the "Piazzetta", mount Solaro, the church of S.Michele and the Faraglioni Rocks which aren't far from the coastline and create a unique scenographic effect.

Capri is the most well known tourist destination in the whole Region of Campania. It's picturesque scenery, the mild weather and the rich flora attract thousands of people all year round.

Capri is the Mediterranean island where most intellectuals, writers and artists come to because they are in love with its magical beauty.
A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture, events that occur here give life to the myth of Capri, an unrivalled world-wide myth.