Wedding in Positano

A group of white and coloured houses that cling to rock mountain cliffs, alternated by lemon gardens, which reflect in the crystal sea. Unique in its type, Positano enjoys all the benefits of a mild weather thanks to its sheltered position from the north winds.

Not far from the coast there are Li Galli or Sirenuse, a small archaeological site of three little islands: the "Long Gallo", the "Circle" and the "Castle", which has always been considered the "home" of the charming mermaids.

Positano, also considered the gem of the divine coast, is characterized by narrow streets, which are full of boutiques built in the houses' basement. All these streets end up in the "Spiaggia Grande", which is the only case in the world where, the view of the town looking backwards is more suggestive than the sea view in front.