Wedding in Vico Equense

A pleasant Etruscan town, Vico Equense is the pearl of the Sorrentine Peninsula and is the biggest and most densely-populated town.
Of ancient origins like all the Campania Region, Vico Equense was testimony of the presence of Osci, the Greeks and the Etruscans but today the town is an important seaside and thermal resort.

Vico Equense is the entrance to the Land of Sirens, it is situated on a rocky promontory outstretched towards the sea, dominating all the coastline from Scrajo to Punta Scutolo.
The town is placed at the centre of the Peninsula and since the 17th century it has always been celebrated by writers, poets and famous travellers who, during the gold period of the Grand Tour, were looking for natural and artistic beauty.

The indented coastline is rich with beaches and caves which some times are only accessible by sea.
The surrounding hills, green and blooming are full of hamlets where the traditional occupations, the agricultural and cheese sector are still alive.
Towards the top Vico is closed by the Monti Lattari, which end up in Mount Faito.
Vico Equense thanks to its position has a nice climate through out the year; this is one of the reasons why it's a very popular touristic town.